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Welcome to the Homepage of
Noah J.D. Chinn

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Here you will find much I have collected about myself. This includes:

-An Introduction for my English students at Berlitz

-My portfolio of published work.

-Some of my unpublished or in-progress work.

-Travel Journals of my adventures, as well as plans for future adventures.

-Pages of interest concerning my hobbies or just favorite subjects.

-An All Mossfoot page, with pictures of the adventurous little green teddy bear from around the globe!

-And more, as time permits.
Mossfoot Archives Site Updates
January 1st, 2007:


Now that I'm in London and it's a new year, it's time to look back. I've updated the site to include my Mount Fuji climb.

I'm hoping this summer to have some fresh new adventures for you. I've added a couple of new short stories, 'Last wave on the shore' and 'Echoes' to the My Stories section.

For My Students

Back when I was a Berlitz teacher, I had a page just for them, introducing them to this site!
Mossfoot Welcomes You!

As my official mascot and travelling companion, Mossfoot has his own special place here. You might see him pop up on other pages as well, and as time permits, in new and interesting locations around Tokyo.

Mossfoot Is Watching Your Back
Feel free to email me anytime

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