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Mossfoot's Recommended Links

I'll be adding to this or removing as I see fit, but mainly these will be static. These are the pages I frequent, or at the very least find interesting enough to give a "thumbs up" to.

Recommended Links (for Interest)
Kenzer and Company The Homepage of the Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. Online webstrips, discussion forums, and other interesting gaming related stuff.
Cinescape My source for entertainment news. Information about movies, games, comics, T.V. shows, etc...
Slashdot News for Nerds. News that Matters.
Encyclopeida Britannica 1911 While the transfer process was far from perfect, this place has the complete text of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britanica (now in public domain). Great source material, and the last encyclopedia that could be concidered a "how to" manual. If you want to see what I mean, check out the section on Ship building.

Recommended Links (for Laughs)
Villian Supply For the Dr. Evil in all of us.
Black Vault Conspiracy Buffs Rejoice! This place boasts a large collection of actual documents obtained from the Freedom Of Information Act in the U.S.
Sharereactor Er... uh... never mind.
Happy Tree Friends This is just too sick and twisted and evil for me NOT to put up. It makes Itchy and Scratchy look MILD.