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These pictures dictate the journey we took to Japan. Right click on any picture and select "View Image to see them in full size, though some are just naturally small.

The Journey There

I start this with a picture of Mossfoot, and for good reason. That green little trouble maker almost made us miss our plane! He had picked up a number of "odours" over the previous year, and he hates taking a bath. As a result he retained certain trace scents that certain dogs at certain airports are trained to smell for. As a result, we had to unpack all of our bags, and were given everything short of a full body cavity search. Mossfoot is definately going for a few rounds in the tub before we leave here, that's for sure!

Gillian was as patient as ever about this, though she was not half as amused as I was. Personally I thought it was an interesting experience, no harm done. But Gillian, I suppose, felt a cloud of suspision was now over her, and it made her uncomfortable.
On The Plane

It was a long trip, about 12 hours, as I recall, but I assure you there wasn't much interesting to talk about or show you here. Just a number of crappy romantic movies to keep me bored to tears.
In The Air

Well, this is the obligatory "up in the air" shot. Throughout the entire trip, this was about the most exciting one there was. Not much to see this high up, except the horizon.

We spent all of two hours in LAX, not once seeing anything more interesting than the airport walls. Gillian here acts a bit goofy for my benefit.

Mossfoot got bored pretty quick on the second leg of the flight, and decided to take a nap listening to music. Try getting a private seat for a eight inch bear, it ain't easy!
Gillian Again

Gillian has been complaining about her lack of exposure on the rest of the website, so I am making up for it now. Just kidding.
Coming In For A Landing

Needless to say, any attempt at a picture of our approach would be futile. However, this plane had a neat-o GPS kind of map showing our progress in between the crappy movies. As you can see here, we are getting quite close.

Finally we land in Narita Airport, and meet with a representative from Berlitz. Then we begin our first few days in a new country.