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Mossfoot's Cross Canada Adventure
When I decided to go bicycling across Canada, Mossfoot was all to eager to join. After all, he wasn't going to be doing any of the peddling, it was a free ride as far as he was concerned. After I recently finished my website in the Adventure section, he looked it over and felt snubbed. I barely mentioned him at all! Well, he decided to make his own page showing his side of the story, and needless to say, I'm barely mentioned in it. Still, I include it here for the sake of fareness.

The British Columbia Journey
This is where it all began. It had been over a year since I came to this strange land, and I still hadn't seen any of it. When I found out my friend was biking across the country, I decided to hitch a ride...
Getting Started
Well, I've been ready for an adventure for quite some time. Though I don't carry that much, I do have the essentials. Bedroll, rope, lighter, pocket knife, a small Snickers bar, etc... hopefully everthing I will need for this trip. I decided to ride on top of the big bald kid's gear, so I could get a better view of everything around me.
Mile Zero
Here at Mile 0, you can see my gear more clearly. I didn't have it for long, however, since I lightened my load in Chilliwack before crossing the mountains. I figured I could mooch whatever I needed of the big bald kid. Why did he shave his hair? You wouldn't catch me shaving my fur, you can be sure of that!
Inside the tent
What was dubbed "The Coffin" by my bald pack mule, is clearly the size of a small house for me. Now if only he wouldn't snore so loud at night...
Change of Position
Riding on the back of the bike was fun, but the fact is it was incredibly dangerous. Ever bump we hit and I hanging onto a bucking bronco for dear life. I fell off a couple of times, scatched my nose a bit, and decided to ride up front inside his handlebar bag.
Riding in the Valley
As we went through the Okanagan Valley, the terrain changed. It felt like we were in the old west or something, except for the huge highway in the middle of it. I certainly didn't expect anything like this before we left B.C.! Still, I am new to this sort of thing.
In The Forest
Here, for a time, I felt at peace. It's not like my home forest, the trees are far too big, and the animals don't understand simple bear-speak, but it is the closest I've felt to home since I left. I wish I could have stayed longer.
On The Mountain
Crossing over the Rockies was exciting, especially going downhill at around 90kph! Good thing I didn't have to do the peddling uphill. I had no idea mountains here were so BIG!

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