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A Mossfoot Eye View
Mossfoot recently took up photography. Unfortunately, he's not very good at it. Not having opposable thumbs... or fingers... or claws... really just having a couple of blunt but sticky stumps for hands makes things really difficult sometimes. Still, he was so excited about his new camera, that he took some pictures around Tokyo.

He took over one hundred and fifty pictures.

He wanted me to post them ALL on here.

After carefully explaining that pictures of the ground, sky, blurry people, close ups of paws, etc... are not worth taking up my webspace with, he agreed to let me chose only the best ones to put up here.

I chose seven, and only four of them are any good.

Keep in mind, Mossfoot's camera is very small, and the quality of the pictures will not be as good as the others on that site, even if I had taken them myself.

Mossfoot's View Of Tokyo
When wandering the streets on his own, Mossfoot has to be very careful not to be stepped on, kicked, trampled, or, worst of all, captured by teenage girls! Thus he took this picture from the relative safety under a store stand selling knapsacks and outdoor gear.
The other 150 Pictures
See this? This is how MOST of Mossfoot's pictures turned out. Shots of the street, shots of the empty sky, shots of his paw... I included one just so you'd believe me.
Paw Shot
This paw shot isn't as bad as most, and I included it because it still gives a good sense of Mossfoot's perspective, especially with the table beside him.
Using the Timer
Fortunately, when Mossfoot found out about the timer feature, the pictures turned out a little better. Plus he was able to include himself in the shot. I argued that this technically no longer counts as his "eye view", but he doesn't care.
Say Che-ez!
Mossfoot in Tokyo at night. Though it's hard to tell from this angle. These are the only pictures he took worth keeping, but as he practices, maybe a few more will turn out okay, and I'll include them on here then. Oh, and as for the title, Che-ez is the make of the camera.
Another Paw Shot
This was taken in the halls of a building I teach lessons in. Of the fifty he took himself, this was the best one.
Wandering the Halls
This was taken by accident, and managed to be the best shot he's taken yet. He set the timer, forgot about it, saw an abandoned donut, and was going after it when it went off. I like the composition.