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Mossfoot unfortunately left his original gear back in Vancouver, but with me making a bit more money out here, it gave him the opportunity to mooch off me for all he was worth. After a year, I finally gave in, and got him a kit worthy of a world travelling bear.

Here is most of the gear laid out. The knapsack was modified from a side pouch intended for cigarettes. Straps were added for his shoulders, and a D-ring for his rope bundle. His old belt was held together with velcro, but part of the knapscak I no longer needed became a perfect substitute, and had a real buckle as well. On the belt is a swiss army knife, compass, and thermometer. The rest of the gear will be explained separately.

The Swiss Army Knife
I'm a Leatherman person, myself, but one cannot deny that there is a certain image the Swiss Army Knife conjours up that no other knife can. Besides, it was the only one small enough for him to use.

You can also see his watch, similar to my own, but he has had that since his first outfit.
The Telescope
Cleverly disguised as a 12 guage shotgun shell, this powerful colapseable telescope can let Mossfoot see what is coming from a mile away... er... assuming he can prop it up against something. He hasn't quite gotten over the leverage problem yet.
The Whistle
Whether it be for calling for help, calling attention to an emergency, or just getting my attention at 5am when I'm trying to get some sleep, this pipe whistle Mossfoot keeps around his neck is a handy little thing.
The Flashlight
This flashlight is quite powerful for its size. He had a choice between a handheld floodlight and a more traditional Coleman lamp of equal size, but chose this one instead because it looked like something they might use on the "X-Files".
The Bandana
Douglas Adams taught us to always know where your towel is. This is good advice. But what is a bandana but a little towel? It can be used for a bandage, a tourniquet, a dust filter, or just to look cool
The Journal
They don't make personal computers small enough for him yet (though he borrows my PSION from time to time as a laptop computer), so Mossfoot tends to keep his journals down on trusty old paper. He has also found a pen much to his liking in size, but also keeps a pencil in his knapsack, simply because they are so useful for other purposes (like getting rubbings off of tombstones or read phone numbers when someone tears off the top sheet from a pad of paper)
The Rope
Of course there is the rope and grappling hook. No adventure kit could be complete without it. In the following pictures, Mossfoot demonstrates its use.
To The Top
As you can see, Mossfoot has had a fair bit of practice doing this. Mostly involving fridges and cookie jars, but that's another matter.
The Zippo
Rule #1 for any adventure: Have Fire. Mossfoot carries a very sturdy Zippo, which doubles as a handy projectile in times of emergency. He has to be careful not to get it too close to his fur, however...
The Camera
What adventure kit would be complete without a means of recording it? This tiny little digital camera is capable of taking 155 photos! The quality of the pictures is not that good, but it is also capable of taking 54 seconds of silent video, which is pretty cool.
What's Next?
What's next for Mossfoot? Who knows? His gear changes from time to time, so don't be surprised if you see more things listed here in the future!