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Mossfoot's New Gear

Mossfoot's Cross Canada Trip

Mossfoot's Eye View


Well, besides having cool gear, there are other things that Mossfoot does. Honest!

Mossfoot The Freelance Agent

Not only is Mossfoot online, but he's got the business cards to prove it!. He carries around a couple dozen of these in his backpack for prospective employers. You'd be surprised the number of people out there who want to hire someone who can crawl through the smallest spaces unseen and goes completely unnoticed when still.

Mossfoot The Roleplayer
Mossfoot can't travel all the time, and besides, real life adventure is quite different than swash buckling fantasy or science fiction, so RPGs are the way to go to fill that craving.

Mossfoot has started Game Mastering, and is pretty good at it, but sometimes has a hard time reaching what he needs.

Recently I found him a copy of the original Dungeons and Dragons RPG that was just the right size for him, including a complete adventure module as well. Needless to say he wanted to play it right away. I was killed by a Kobold... how humiliating.

Mossfoot The Map Nut
Mossfoot loves planning for an adventure almost as much as the adventure itself. This means pouring over maps and globes, setting up plans, and looking for rumours of interesting places before he even leaves. When he's in the mood, its almost impossible to pull him away from his maps.
Mossfoot The... Model???
Unfortunately, yes. Mossfoot is a tad vain... he knows how cute he is, and much like Dogbert, will use it to his advantage to get what he wants. Click on the picture to download a short video of him practicing his runway walking.
Mossfoot's Rock Garden
Sometimes, the worries of the world can become too much for a little green-blue bear. That's when Mossfoot quietly rakes his little rock garden and lets his mind wander.
Mossfoot The Photographer
Ever since getting his own digital camera, Mossfoot has been taking tons of pictures. None of them are any good, however. Still, he keeps trying. So now I've added a section, Mossfoot Eye View, so you can see Tokyo the way he sees it. Don't expect much in the way of great photography, however... he only has stubby little paws, and no opposable thumb
Other Hobbies
Mossfoot is toying around with amature video and photography... as well as world domination (via the website Villian Supply... see Links) But for now I don't have anything here to put online. Hopefully later.