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The Epic Novel of Fantasy and Adventure
(and getting whacked on the head by an angry halfling)
is Now Online!

I've divided up the book by chapters (and in some cases two chapters). Just click on the picture next to the chapter description to go to that chapter. Each chapter is headed by a larger version of the picture.

I know the format looks like amature-hour, but it's the best I can do for the time being. If I can find an easy way to jazz up the pages, I will. Besides, you want to read the story, not look at graphics.

Chapter 1: Greetings

Where our five heros first meet.
Chance? Fate? Or an easy mark?

Chapter 2: Dungeon Diving
For some, the lure of loot is enough. Others have to be tricked or clubbed over the head.
Chapter 3: The Obligatory Signs and Portents
What kind of fantasy adventure would it be without a sign or portent or two?
Chapter 4: The Lady Lassailia
As the adventure continues, odd requests are made, and things don't seem to be quite right. Oh, and there's singing and attacks... I don't think the two are related.
Chapter 5: Merrick
A short stopover in a trading town leads to a lot of dead people.
Chapter 6: Rapids and Rest
Chapter 7: Valious, Vego, Vedit, and the Vanguard

The flight from Merrick leads to Halffarthing proper, where there is a chance to rest, chat it up, and get pickpocketed.
Chapter 8: The Ride East
What should have been an uneventful trip eastward turns into Perah-Perah's worst nightmare... romance.
Chapter 9: Sailing to Dogford
The trip from Halffarthing to Dogford, and only hammocks to sleep on. Plus a stop in Teal, where men get no respect.
Chapter 10: Almost All Alone
Chapter 11: Almost All Together

Tragedy strikes, and the group is sundered. Then it's unsundered, but it takes a while.
Chapter 12: ToGetHer
It's a pun! Get it? ToGetHer? Together? To Get Her? Ahaha! Ahaha. A-ha.... Ahhh, screw it.
Chapter 13: The Fog From The North
Tensions are on the rise, and war seems inevitable. But these guys are all on the same side, aren't they?
Chapter 14: The Battle Of Six Or Seven Armies
War is loosed upon the island of Gassenti. As you might expect, things take seven or eight different turns that you half-expect or out right predicted. Maybe there is one or two that you don't, however...
Chapter 15: An Ending And A Begining
The battle rages on, all looks desperate and hopeless...

Gee... I wonder who wins?
Chapter 16: Farewell
All good things come to an end, and even those who succeed against all odds don't nessesarily get everything they want.