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A Brief History Of Mossfoot
This is the times, travels, and tales of Mossfoot. Teddy Bear, Adventurer, Traveler, and The Adored One of Women Everywhere.

Collected here is a brief history of his early days.

Mossfoot's Baby Picture
This is the oldest picture I have of Mossfoot. It was taken of him shortly after he came under my care. He didn't start wearing people clothes for quite some time.

However, after being attacked by a giant rat, and falling out a second story window, he soon realized that running around East Hastings in Vancouver naked was not the way to go, and started looking for ways to be better prepared.
Mossfoot's Original Gear
Mossfoot's gear is carried in a knapsack, which you see beside him. Both the knapsack and his outfit were made by me out of an old khaki jacket sleave. On top is his bedroll, and on the side a coil of rope and collapsing grappling hook. Inside there is a, first aid kit, rations, reading material, pencil, a micro-leatherman, and whatever else might come in handy on his adventures.
His First Adventure
Mossfoot was too young to remember how he came under my care, so he doesn't count that story as one of his adventures. However, it wasn't long before the traveling bug (common on his father's side of his family) took hold.

This was his first trip, from Vancouver to Victoria, via the ferry.
Mossfoot's Cross Canada Adventure
Needless to say, when I told him I was going to bicycle across Canada, he wouldn't hear of letting me go without him. Mossfoot can be quite stubborn sometimes.

Here he is in Victoria, at the begining of our journey. The extra pouch on his belt didn't last very long, but did look stylish.

Mossfoot On The Road
At first, Mossfoot road on the back of my bike, but because of the wind and bumps he fell off a couple of times, and I barely heard his little cries for help. I decided he was better off up front where I could keep an eye on him.

This picture was taken along the Okanagan Valley in B.C.
The New Outfit
As we went through Ontario, the weather generally got cooler. Fortunately, Mossfoot was given a nice leather jacket from a friend of his (Mr. Pig).

Here he is warming up next to a cup of coffee after a terrible rain storm, and is helping me plan our route on the map.
At The Coast
When we reached Prince Edward Island, Mossfoot felt it was a special moment, because it was the first time we got to see the real ocean, not just a cove or inlet leading to it.

He sat here looking out over the ocean for quite some time, thinking about where he would like to go next.
Mossfoot In Japan
Now that Mossfoot is in Tokyo, most of the new pictures will be from here. It doesn't snow very often in Tokyo, and rarely stays on the ground, so Mossfoot had to go for a walk in it while he had the chance
Fuzzy Knights
For fun, Mossfoot agreed to be part of a comic strip. It's a tribute to my favorite comic, Knights of the Dinner Table, whom I also write magazine articles for.