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This is just a sample of some of the stories I'd like to share, both old and new.
Click on the adjacent image to view or download the story.

A short SF story about a team of mercenaries on patrol who stumble on a family picnic in the middle of a dead wasteland. Click on the picture of the man on the mountain to download.

Last Wave on the Shore
A short SF story set in the far future. What happens when someone tries to copyright... well everything? Click on the music note to find out.

Bad Day
You think your day went bad? It's nothing compared to Robert's. Absolutely nothing.

The Guttenberg Press
A refined gentleman has a very orderly way of ordering his bookstore. But what happens when Emma has other plans?

Fire Flood and Ice
Mankind begins it's first colony on a world far from home, but what secret has one of them uncovered in the desert?

Remember Me
This is my Rememberance Day story, though it is not about war or history. Click on the poppy to read.

Digressionary Love Story
What is love? Damned if I know... or do I? Click on Gillian (as Ai) to read.