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Noah Joseph Davidson Chinn

Noah Joseph Davidson Chinn was born in Oshawa, Ontario in 1973 to David and Liza Chinn. Since he went to Carleton University in 1994, he hasn't lived in the same city for more than three years.

All in all he has lived in Oshawa, Ottawa, Toronto, Chilliwack, Vancouver, Victoria, and Tokyo.

He has been on two bicycle adventures so far: an 800 km trip from Oshawa to Halifax, and across Canada from Victoria to St. John's.

He is currently in Tokyo, Japan with his girlfriend Gillian, teaching English at Berlitz in Shinjuku, and is publishing freelance articles wherever he can.

About This Site
I started this site as a means to have my published work available online to those who would like to see it, but reasoned it should as well include as much information as I have available about myself, and that of my traveling companion.

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