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The Halifax Adventure

This is my first bike adventure, (in 1996!), my first attempt at a journal. It's also the only suriving page from my first website (damn you Geocities!)

This was from Oshawa, Ontario, to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It took 2 weeks and covered about 800 miles.

(Increased Impact was a former persona I used, and references to Aces and Eights and whatnot part of an RPG campaign we played. Also, I know one of the pictures is broken, but for historical completeness, I did not edit any of these things.)
The Cross Canada Crusade

This was, for a long time, my Holy Grail of personal adventure. I had wanted to do this since early high school. Then, when the opportunity arose, I did.

It took 102 or 103 days, depending on your reckoning, covered 10 provinces, 3 states, and 6000 kilometers. There are so many pictures that this is on a separate website. Not only that, it takes up 2 separate websites!
Life In Japan

Granted, I'm not actually having an adventure here... yet. I plan to bike across this country in Fall 2003 from north to south.

For now, this has a record of our trip to Japan, the first few days here, our move to Ichigaya a year later, and other odds and ends.

1000 Kilometers Across Japan

This trip was supposed to be from Tokyo to Korea, but did not turn out that way. I updated it on an almost daily basis during the course of the journey, and so the tone of the journal reflects this.
Conquoring Fuji!

They say you're crazy if you've never climbed Fuji. They say you're crazy if you climb it twice. Well, despite the hell that I went through, I'm definitely going to climb this mountain again someday. No way in hell I'm going to let anyone accuse me of being normal!